Biologically active food additives

Biologically active food additives are a product that has become the object of activity of a large number of commercial firms. Often, the consumer is not able to determine whether the product is safe and useful and whether it will cause harm to human health when consumed. In our practice, there have been cases when dietary supplements of one presented composition were issued for a completely different drug with different properties. It is not uncommon for substances that are part of dietary supplements, not only are not able to show any expected effect, but are also capable of harming the health of the consumer.

The Center for Chemical Research offers:

1) check dietary supplements for compliance with the declared composition

2) provide high-quality assistance regarding the properties of substances included in dietary supplements

3) check whether the dietary supplement is included in the list of products allowed for sale on the territory of the Russian Federation

4) check dietary supplements for compliance with product safety requirements such as: